Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Feel the Rain on Your Skin

 At last! I can now really say that I’m free because it’s our Sem break in La Salle-Dasma. Supposedly it should be last Saturday but because of typhoon Santi, there was suspension and our exam got delayed.  Until now the sky is still moody.
 And as I said it is our last exam for this sem so I wanted to wear an outfit that is above average so skirt instantly flashed on my mind.
 But just because this day is just a make-up class does not mean that we are exempt from the rules hence good thing there is midi skirt or those that falls on your calf only.
 This midi tutu skirt spells girly or immediately makes you think of pairing it with ballerina-inspired tops but I personally like putting edge on my outfit by combining soft and girly pieces with opposite elements so I opt to match it with this galaxy top in green color of course in celebration of La Salle’s victory in NCAA; Animo La Salle! I just want to mention that that was such a good fight between the Archers and the growling Tigers, it was very intense, they really both deserve to be acknowledged.

  Back to my OOTD, even though the top is in galaxy print I still see it as an earthy outfit so I made it more boho-ish by slipping on these grey sandals with flower buds-like embellishments and the gold buckle make it earthier.
 For my accessories, I only chose one moss green floral bracelet and these kawaii rose earrings. And who cannot know about flower crowns? You can see it anywhere but because it would be awkward to walk on campus wearing one when it’s only our one and a half hour exam I settled for a more relaxed and simpler chain headpiece which on my credit complemented on my theme too, it also gave a more edgy appeal to my outfit.

 How about shooting at woods to make it more cohesive with the theme? Well that is awesome! I just saw this location inside our village recently and I must say our place really has many promising places, so much for my inner spy gal. I can’t help but feel like a wood fairy because of the vibe that the location evokes.

P.S. My mom took this shots for not more than five minutes and I must say she has a potential isn’t it haha! 

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