Thursday, October 10, 2013


  I feel hesitant at first to wear this skirt at school for the same reason why I love it- it is so stunning it might caught the attention of naysayers because this skirt can be a party number yet mothers really know what is best when she told me that it’s pretty and it’s not a waste to wear beautiful clothes anywhere because we’ll never know who’ll notice us, hmm…
 And I’m really glad I did not follow my instinct because I was really overwhelmed when I saw many people staring at me or okay, my SKIRT with a smile on their lips and two strangers even walked up to me and really praised my skirt, isn't it very nice? I melt at the compliments especially when those came from people you don’t know. Then of course nothing beats when another came from my shoeaholic professor.

Then a statement necklace won’t hurt even though according to the fashion rule metals like gold and silver should not be combined but ditch that old rule because according to my book as long as it’s not chemicals that explode you can mix everything you like. Hence the gold strand with ivory tusk bling bling over my silver sequined bottom.

The curiosity got out of me and I became a total fashion rebel when I opt for glittery gold pumps to match my necklace.
                 Since my skirt is already the bomb I don’t want anything to contradict with it so I did not find any further and picked a white top with a dainty lace pattern; it really does a big difference to a plain top.

P.S. Finally after dreaming for so long of having to shoot  in this building under construction inside my school I've done it and in my gold stilettos! I fell in love with its architecture instantly that is why you can’t blame me for pouring you with many pictures again.

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