Friday, October 25, 2013

La Dolce Vita

 Dolce Vita means sweet life in French and who would not want a life that is as sweet as honey and sugar? But in reality we all know that life is anything but salted and peppered, but well that is all part of the drama which makes our journey far from boring. So once you get a taste of your slice of berry pie cherish it, but if that one moment still hasn’t come your way, don’t worry because you can still share that feeling when you dress up like a princess in your fairytale.
 With this ensemble I picked colors and fabrics that are obviously romantic, classy, and elegant like this pastel pink floral skirt matched with dainty lace top then glittery gold shoes.
 Cropped top is very trendy and hot right now and it is common to wear it in a more edgy and hippie manner yet it can be very chic and sophisticated also with the right print and color.
 I’ve already worn this full skirt a lot of times here in my blog, one of that times is this. I really practice Chiconomics defined as living fashionably despite the economic crisis or restricted funds; can also apply to an item of clothing. I do this by reusing a piece of clothing without being obvious by wearing it again after a certain period of time so that people won’t notice. Donning a number in different genre and style can also differentiate it from others and breathe a new life to it.

 Also updating your look with new accessories rather than splashing out on a whole new wardrobe makes a perfect recessionista- a fashionable person or trendsetter who aims to weather the economic crisis without sacrificing their style. So accessorizing is a very effective weapon to glamorize your look.
 Pearls symbolize femininity, elegance, and romance so piling it will never be too much but for a younger take I wore a candy-colored chunky necklace. It is modern yet it does not clash with my outfit’s inspiration.
 For my arm candy, a cluster of Swarovski crystals are very chic and a message is the best final touch especially when it involves love.

                               So care to experience a dolce vita one?

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