Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Three months from now and I’ll be taking my practicum or in layman’s term, OJT for 250 hours. Just when I thought that I should be buying some basic essentials in business attire like a black or neutral shade of blazers, slacks, polo, and even shift dresses, an idea sprang in my mind. Why not let the real me shine through and come in the company office everyday dressed up in a normal me which sometimes is lunatic to others, but maybe I should tone it a bit but the point is the work is much more important, appearance is just second but if the company asks for a strict corporate attire the I’ll be willing to oblige.
But how I wish they would let inters wear whatever they want as long as it follows their rules. I could now imagine myself being in a city strolling around malls, etc. after the wee hours of working. Then an outfit that could easily shift from business to fun is all I want.

Normally my classmates would tell me that I look like a CEO more than an employee during the days when we have to wear business attires so I’m now trying to look like an office girl yet still fasyon. I can’t wait to try out portraying a geek stylish employee soon armed with cute glasses, that’s the beauty of styling you could be whoever and whatever you want.

Just like what I wore here in this post. This one could very well imply to others that maybe this girl is still an intern or working in a creative-environment job. This look would also be perfect for instances that I would go straight to meet my friends for lunch.
The bottomline is even how much colorful you are as long as you impress your boss with your skill and passion then there’s no harm with trying to be you whatever situation you are in. You might be even noticed by others especially if they're fashionista like you too, plus points if it’s your boss

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