Friday, November 15, 2013


 I’m blue all over and I love every inch of it! I’m actually excited to wear this dress because it just came from alteration from this to this. It became shorter and the buttons are replaced with gold details so the result is a cuter and a more ME dress. This frock is actually a vintage which I unearthed from my aunt’s chest box. She actually has a fetish for keeping the things they own way back then and it’s in my advantage because I can search for pieces that is still wearable and in fairness fashion are just evolving. Remember those palazzo pants that became an instant hit last seasons ago, well it’s also big in the 70’s and more styles of clothes are like that so for sure I’ll be able to get more that is why I can’t wait to visit my parents’ hometown soon.

 Let’s now focus back to my outfit, instead of looking oldies I went preppy this time with the shoes and the denim jacket which I unexpectedly brought with me since it started to rain before I even go out luckily it even gave oomph to my ensemble.

There’s no need for so much blings when the dress itself is intricately laced so it can stand on its own already looking very lovely.

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