Monday, November 18, 2013


Just yesterday when I posted an outfit that is kind of different from my usual style of dressing up but once a girly always a girly and this post is a proof about that.
It’s only the start of class week yet I’m not in my uniform, why is it so if you would ask, that’s because La Salle- Dasma is taking a Research Week for three days starting today and we are asked to wear business attire.
So I’m clad in another ensemble I consider as business attire because if you know me you would probably guess that I’m up for anything but clich├ęs so instead of polo and black pencil skirt combo I opt for a more dramatic affair between this white top and skirt. Good thing I could always reason out that I’m a Marketing and Advertising student so I could get creative with everything including the clothes I wear. That’s what I call 1,2,3, para-paraan!
Let’s talk about this blouse first. I love how this immaculately white dress (which I used as a top; that’s what I do to extend my wardrobe) is made interesting by lining it with navy ribbon that is longer than what it should be. But instead of tying it, I chose to let it fall down to add more touches to my look. 
Because I know you’ve been itchin’ to know more about this exquisite skirt, I will now discuss it with you guys, LOL! You may not know but this skirt has a denim layer base that is why you could see navy linings at the waist part and at the sides which fortunately matches the lining of my top. Then it is covered with this scarf-printed fabric that I totally adore and I know you do too, don’t try to deny it! What’s best about it is that it’s reversible in terms of color like right now I wear it pink but if I want a blue shade then I can get what I want by just adjusting the saran wrap skirt, how genius!

 So if I aim for Angelina Jolie’s red carpet look then that’s not impossible but I admit that I don’t have the same level of confidence to show my leg like that.

 If my skirt is already the bomb and the star, yes siya na! Then I don’t have to pick an equal grand factor in my shoes so that’s the beauty of pair of nude pumps but if you think that’s all then be ready to get more eye candied with these babies’ awesome heels. Sometimes the best part is where you have to look closer to find out.

I hope I shared with you my drooling moments with this look since I’m still feeling the rush when I look at these pictures.

©Claudine Asis

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