Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get THICK-ed

Writing this post makes ma wanna sing the very infamous and controversial song- Blurred lines by Robin Thick but don’t you worry because you ain’t gonna see any X-rated visuals here, LOL!

But I fancy so much the suit that the singer wore at the MVA, add it to the fact that I also have the hots on Robin himself haha! But of course wearing such outfit requires you to be bold and attention-hungry so I recreate it a bit so that it would fit everyone’s taste.

Instead of stripes on stripes I substitute this overused white blazer to have a more formal take on this look. Then inside is a boho corset that brings the outfit balance because it has blue dye under so it let the shoes be cohesive.

 You know the feeling when you have some pieces in your closet that you want to wear again and again with only a little time between each outfit? That happens to me a lot whether it’s a new splurge or old ones like the blazer, pants, and these shoes. How can I not repeat-performance this shoes when they make such a cute point in my ensemble. Much to my gratefulness to it when it’s not a shoepidity yet it still leaves me good comments from other people.

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