Saturday, November 16, 2013


 At first, I was a bit doubtful about combining two statement pieces together as it might end up too tacky and what I’m really trying to avoid- to look like a fashion junkie wherein one has to wear too many trendy clothes at once. But the real challenge is how to make it classy and not trashy.

 My dears, one of the trick is to stay close to the colors that can be seen on your ensemble and from there choose your accessories. I can’t imagine myself wearing another popping color of shoes over these b&w striped pants so I opt for black shoes also but to others donning colorful shoes might work for them but you have to be really careful when doing this.

 Anyways, I pick the most dominant and exuberant color in my top which is orange and worked the hat, bracelets and bag inspired from that color. The hat made this look from edgy and cool to fun and youthful that is so my style.
 I’m not big with shirts and you would rarely see me sporting one (people who know me could testify on that!) I seem to have an allergy to them, just kidding! But this one is an exception, who could miss this tee when emblazoned on it is a very catchy word. It’s just too cute to resist and I was too weak to give in

I hope this post is a refreshing break from all the sweet and girly outfits I’ve done here usually. Actually I’m slowly building up my wardrobe and starts collecting more laidback, simple and basic pieces that is far from my top choice of clothes, I guess it’s the 19 year old Joyce saying to me that I need to outgrow from my comfort zone and try to surpass my limit, and what is the best way to begin it with but with fashion as this is my forte. It’s not too late to start anew right?

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