Friday, November 1, 2013

Live a Little, Laugh a Lot, Laugh Always

 There is nothing good with taking a break from school when you’ll just be stuck in your own homes. We always need that extra boost to liven up our dead-tired bodies from all the hard works we’ve done at school and be ready for the next set of battle ahead of us when our classes resume.
And what’s the best way to get shake and stirred but to have a nice little fun with your girl buddies! It does not only let you have a breather by going somewhere but the bonding you create especially at the part where you spill all the pent-up stories (including boys and other gossips!)
 With that I wanted to look posh yet still comfy and natural since I’m with my best friends, no pretentious and effortful outfit just all about being able to relax and have super duper fun.
 I wanted to go easy to the eyes so I diverted from my usual color scheme of bright and pastel colors instead I opted for a crisp, clean sleeveless polo matched with this beige skater skirt.

 Colors really make an outfit more playful and vibrant but being in nude tones doesn’t mean boring, yes you can be sassy too just by adding spunk to your ensemble like a statement bag which I already used here. It adds character to plain attire when you add a hint of comic relief or something that has a conversational appeal in your accessories.
 I also really see bare tones somehow related to romance so I don this layered trinket with an Eiffel tower and heart charms then this wired LOVE word for a more rustic appeal.

But you know what, I think I just can’t really resist the urge to wear something neon so this belt and bracelet thing happened, at least it still does not dominate the outfit. 

 Another trick to veer away from being blah is by choosing one piece of clothing that has a bang like in my case is my gold sequined flats that although heavily embellished it still did not overpower or made the total look overly dressed.

But of course it is still up to you on how you will dress up when meeting with friends. You might want to impress them or just being apt to the occasion and place but whatever and wherever your gimmick is make sure that you always show that inner fashionista in you!

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