Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Cactus Heart

 I got this title post because both my necklace and shoes have spikes in them and me likey! That’s it, nothing fishy just purely figurative speaking. Anyways I just noticed that when I’m getting hassled on what to wear whenever I have an unplanned errand to do I keep on pulling out  top and bottoms from my closet in a matching color, I guess that’s because I see it as a convenient and risk-free way since it avoids clashing colors and even prints. Since it’s already in a same palette choosing even one piece of clothing with fun print can add punch to your outfit.

 This skirt is not the usual that you see for the reason that it is not in trend but its texture speaks for itself, unconventional and interesting. I have a similar skirt in lime green. I love that it somehow reminds me of tennis players and IDK but for me it resembles origami maybe because of its continuous folds.
 When I imagine skull, silver and grays immediately enters my mind so how cute it is to find this skull-ed necklace in a happy hue of blue but still the scary spikes brings it back to an edgy form.
 Another way to give it a surprising twist is by donning a very different color from your clothes like these pop of magenta in my shoes, unexpected yet very pleasing to the eyes.

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