Monday, November 4, 2013

Sail Away

The dog days are over now that I’ve been busying with the entire enrollment thingy in my school so I now brokenheartedly say goodbye to late nights, all day sleep, no home works, and all that stuffs we ache.
But other than that, classes also means that I’ve got to wrack my head again when preparing what business attire to wear during Tuesdays but who am I to demand when I actually like the idea.
But before this story goes somewhere else I’ve got to say something about the look I wore today.
 I’m assuming that I’m going to fall in a very long queue that seems to have no end so I decided to wear anything that would be comfy and let me move easily not to mention those that will let my skin breathe without defying the school dress code.
 I end up with a nice pair of pants that I wore here also but I exaggerated the print of these trousers by pairing it with yet another unobvious sailor-inspired top.
The thing is I used to hate cuffed jeans because I believe that they look hideous on me but I guess people change and so are their style and I found out that with the right choice of pants you are going to cuff depends its result whether it’ll look cheap or tasteful.

I just really fancy these babies which aside from its colors (blue and red), the design is what made me in love with it and opt to wear with this particular outfit because it makes me think of American navy all in all.

 I’ve been meaning to wear these pants in such manner like this and I stay true to my intentions to play only with the blue and red colors so the little bag and shoes gets the role that accentuates the red part. It may not be obvious in the pictures but I colored my hair red especially for this outfit! Nah, I’m just kidding, I’ve tried this color already and I like it so I’m trying to rock it again.

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