Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Take me to the Candy shop

 This is a late post actually since it’s already our short vacay from school but it’s never too late to show you a cute outfit, aye?
How time flies because before I know it, it is our Marketing General Assembly again! But if last time the theme is Glamorous Red Carpet now they  made it simple yet still fasyon; Corporate Chic it is which is  a business attire yet with a hint of stylish sense to it.
I missed this feeling wherein like in our Prom we really prepare for this one special night of our lives and really prettify for the whole world to see- don’t forget the pictures for instagram and facebook!
 This calls for a no-brainer situation but I still want to make some effort at least. A week before that announcement I went to SM and saw two numbers- a top and skirt which has a very tasteful and alluring prints but at that time I still did not have anything in mind where I can wear it and as they say sometimes you have to think many times before buying something that falls to being a luxury and decide if you would really benefit from it. But when I came back for it, to my dismay I can’t find it anymore, how it would be perfect for the corporate chic attire I’ve been thinking to wear for the event. Nonetheless I can’t cry over spilled milk so with the little amount of time remained I moseyed around malls and got my eagle eyes on finding another outfit that would do.
                 In the end I settled for a cliché combo of dress and blazer that I spiced up or should I say sweetened up by choosing a color palette in pastel like this turquoise, lacy dress layered with this white lab coat, errr… I mean blazer that is embellished with crystal beads to amp it up.
                Colors do wonders because if you want to differ from the others and stand out from the sea of black propaganda uh-oh! I mean dare to be unique by donning colorful outfits aside from the usual black and white, you get the point.
                 As you can see I look like I just came out of the candy shop hence the title. I just really love the sweet pastel colors because it instantly soften your look and I just want to take advantage of my youth while I can since I cannot wear as much as candy-colored clothes when I hit the age of 30 because by that time for sure my style preference would be different and much more mature so as the song goes like this; mama says don’t hurry up, you just have to wait, yep that is so true!
                I downplayed it a bit by keeping the accessories to a minimal with only a set of eye catching earrings, a watch, and a cocktail ring. Not too much but never lame, just enough to highlight the outfit.

 But the real show to top it all off is these stunning babies that matched my dress and belt, hmmm… very juicy! It appeared here before but it seems that its magic never fades for me, I’m really in love with it and it’s not hard to see why, can you see it?
                You might wonder why there are two different bags that I’m carrying in the pictures. The sling bag is mine while the oh so pretty black and white with gold chains is my Claudine’s. I thought that the latter matches my outfit so I borrowed it to take pictures. Funny how both bag are in stripes; vertical and horizontal- just goes to show that great minds think alike haha!

                P.S. At the end of a tale there is always a lesson learned and for me it is too never let an opportunity pass, if you see something that caught your heart then don’t waste any moment and grab it! It does not only apply in shopping but in real life as well. 

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