Wednesday, December 18, 2013


 If there is a label that I would like to be associated with, it’s to be known as a bookworm. Many of people who know me don’t know this because reading books is what I do meekly since it’s my escape from reality, and of course a habit that tucks me into sleep every night.
 So I want to be inspired by those books I’ve read and carry it on how I style myself once in a while and first in this is my look today that I took inspiration from the book Awaken by Meg Cabot. It’s the final installment from the trilogy Abandon. This fiction novel is highly influenced by the Porsephone and Hades Greek mythology but with more twists and a thrilling take that I really enjoy and as I could remember it only took me a week and some days to finish the trilogy because I can’t stop reading once I started the very intriguing novel. I totally recommend this one for those who love dark romance with a dash of adventure type of reads.
 Anyways I relate the final book to my ensemble through the last words of the protagonist about flowers being able to grow even after the storms which I literally translated into colorful and floral/ Aztec kind of embroidered intricately in my dress. Pierce, the leading lady is always dressed in white at the Underworld (read the book now to understand me more!) so mine is perfect with the added twist.
 Now it all seems too feminine and dainty but it changed when I paired it with these nude colored combat boots that is fierce enough but not too grudgy it only compliments the innocence of Pierce yet the bravery she developed through her journey, naks ang lalim!

 I know what my backdrop should be like and it’s a majority of dried leaves scattered on the ground like some scenes in the book so to incorporate with the location I chose orange and gold bracelets piled again in my arm. It made my outfit earthy.

 I should have shown you before this post my book-inspired looks from the first two parts of the trilogy so expect it sometime later.

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