Saturday, December 14, 2013

Only Way to Fly

 It’s inevitable to come to a point in your life that you somehow wish to fly but sadly we can’t unless you spend moolah to ride hot air balloons, parachute, and others to experience a momentarily fleet from the ground but being an angel for a moment does not require you to be a hotshot because there’s always the power of fashion that would save the day. Kudos to those who created these awesome SHWINGS (shoe plus wings), it lets the wearer feel like they’re extraordinary.
 But at first these shwings are kind of intimidating since it really catches the attention of everyone who would see it even distance away but no need to fret since for sure they are just admiring it like many of my classmates who saw it and said many good feedbacks, again I just melt.
Considering that I incorporated the shwings to my powder blue sneakers then instantly this pastel color frock popped in my head because it resonate an angelic vibe because of the its color like sky and the floral print that reminds me of a garden usually drawn on children’s’ books.

 This arm candy makes me hungry when I look at it. It really stand by its name arm candy!

But what made this look more humane haha! Or should I say casual is the chambray top thrown over the dress. It’s says that we should always keep our feet on the ground LOL!
Now my challenge to myself is to create a look for these shwings imitating the dark side so watch out for it!

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