Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I’ve promised myself before that I’d update this blog every now and then but it seems that I’m having a hiatus again but please bare with me because I’m now on my third year second semester and it is the crucial point of my course because I have a subject that deals with making advertisements with outputs already and it really drains all the creative juices in me, I’m now focusing on creating a concept for a print ad. That already burns me out so how much more at the main event, Ad Clash but in fairness I’m appreciating my course even more because of that.

Anyhoo, let’s talk about what makes us all excited about and you know what I’m talking about- It’s Christmas! How time flies so according to my family tradition book it’s the season to shop again and we only have one haven in mind and it’s no other than the divine Divisoria! 

I’m so overwhelmed of the changes in the 168 mall because they’ve extended up to 6 floors, imagine how crazy we went when we shopped there and what made my shopaholic blood rush is that many brand stores was added and their interiors are just so darn cute it made me want to buy the shop aside from the clothes. 168 caters not only for those budget-conscious buyers but also those who want nothing but the best so it’s perfect for me who can’t choose between quantity and quality haha!

168 has all a fashionista is looking for from classic to trendy pieces and one that caught my eye is this lovely midi skater skirt. I actually bought it in two colors, this purple one and in lime green.

I knew this would be perfect for my business attire to casual or chic outfits I have in my mind and this one is also a classic item because even how trendy it is now the length and cut is timeless and bound to flatter any body type and style.
To make this yummy looking skirt even sweeter I paired it with a cotton candy pink polo which is actually baggy for me but look how it looked fit to me because the skirt cinched it. If I wear flat sneakers I would be so welcome to the 80’s, remember the movie Hairspray?

 I once said in my previous posts that I am into less accessorizing now but this pretty rings made me fall in love with accessorizing again. Stacking them on my fingers is no problem because it won’t look O.A. 

 P.S. if you are planning to shop at Divisoria, my tip is to go there as early as possible because as days go by more shoppers are going there to buy their Christmas gifts so to avoid the jampacked go there on weekdays. Also it’s better to bring your car with you because the new commute ways are too hassle because of the change. Lastly keep your valuable intact just to be safe or better yet leave your pricey phones at home and no genuine jewelries please as it may attract holdapper, etc. All in all enjoy your shopping!

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