Friday, December 6, 2013

Princess Bubblegum

If you’re a fan of the cartoon, Adventure Time then you would know where I got this title post and would totally relate with what I’m gonna blabber next. Just like the apple of the eyes of Finn, Princess bubblegum of Candy kingdom is very sweet and is very pink so she was my inspiration in the outfit I wore here. I attended a first birthday party so it’s forgivable for me to wear something as sweet as this.
Skater skirts are almost in every girl’s closet now so what attracted me into this jumper-skater skirt is its added oomph. It’s very youthful and happy it makes me want to go back in my pigtails days but of course I just left it to my imaginations haha!
   If the salmon pink skirt is already sugar-filled then why not make it more diabetic with this printed tee that makes me drool everytime I look at it, don’t you too?

    I used to have a fetish with chunky necklace and cocktail rings but now my addiction translates to arm candies like this. Such a relief to have a set readily available but I tend to layer some more when I think it fits the color scheme or theme.
 But to toughen the outfit a bit I matched it with this beige combat boots. It’s very different from the shoes I mostly buy but its style was what drawn me to it, just for a change and it’s like hitting to bird with one stone since I really hate shoepidity even how awesome it looks as long as I don’t feel comfy walking with that then it’s far from my radar unlike this combat boots that looks superb and cool yet nice to my feet.

How about you? What character do you most likely to copy in terms of fashion? I’d like to know! :)

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