Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Yuletide season is the best time to spend quality time with your loved ones, and that is when amusement parks comes to bring us happiness and let us experience how to feel like a kid again.

 In the Philippines there are two amusement parks that are famous but then I thought it would be nice to beadventurous and opt for more low-key source of entertainment like circus! For a long time there is one near my location but I couldn’t seem to go there yet until now that it is more improved and should I say inspired to be more attractive, thanks to the show Got to Believe haha!

 Although the rides are not that plenty and exciting unlike the two parks I’ve mentioned earlier it still gives me the feeling of locality and simplicity yet made me giddy like a child that tasted his first cotton candy. You should try out too if opportunity would permit you. You only live once you know so why not enjoy the little things in life. Happiness doesn’t come wrapped in big bow always, sometimes the raw it is the better.

                 Actually going to a circus is in my long-time bucket list and now I’ve got to tick it off so I feel slightly accomplished haha! You see, I’m such an easy to please person.

  The day after that I went there again under the scorching sun just to take some shots that would show the vividness of the place.

 I want to match the vibrant colors of the merry-go-round so I wore a bright green midi skater skirt that made the whole outfit come alive and then I paired it with this chambray top splattered with daisies for a happier vibe.
                Anyways how did your Noche Buena go? I hope you enjoyed the night!

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