Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Celeb

Birthdays in our family is not actually celbrated grandly we make sure that we make those days for each one of us special by bonding together because we believe that what's essential is invisible in the naked eye as Hellen keller said, so the warmth of our love is the gift one must receive from us rather than material things.
Dining out is maybe the cliche activity of families when celebrating special occassions but this tradition I think won't fade its natural magic in closing the ties with the people you love.

Now let me greet my mom a happy, happy birthday! Mom, I know you might not be able to read this here but saying this out loud is one thing I can do to say not even a half part of my gratitude to you. You may not be a perfect woman as what everyone wanted to see, but in you I knew what a woman is capable of. Your extent of loving us unconditionally made me see the world not only in a selfish way but a place where loving does not revolve around two people only; that being partners does not mean being lovers but a counterpart you can lean on, and trust to be your fallback when the road is tough without asking for anything in return. You rewrite the saying "Relationship is a give and take" and turned it into a "give and receive", but then it's not impossible for you to receive lots of love because you're just really easy to be loved.
I know this is not what is expected to be said but I thank the universe not to make you perfect because if you are, then I guess you should not deserve me, yet you are made just the way you are so that I can experience to have a wonderful mother like you. So even you taught me to be humble, maybe this time would be an exception for me to be your proud daughter.
OMG! i'm so cheesy but hey this only happens once in a year so better yet make it extraordinary.
Anyways, we ate at Burgoo, an american diner. We ordered meaty dishes because i think our appetites are just growling and their servings satisfies this without sacrificing the quality and taste.

Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs
Shrimps and Ribs Platter. I love the shrimps so much!

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