Saturday, January 25, 2014

Give it a Chance

Black is the color that I tried to avoid when it comes to dressing up. Age has a lot to do with that because I went into believing for a while that while you are still young you must enjoy it and wear all the colors available and stay away with black first; that's what my mama told me too. But now I'm gradually welcoming with open arms and not to mention open closet the color black. I guess it has to do that while my age is still not into the yuppies bracket, I can't deny the fact that I'm also near in graduating and sooner I would now work, two months from now I'm even going to do my OJT. So while it's early I should now practice the corporate power dressing as to not break the company dress code that might result into failing my practicum haha!
Black is not equivalent to boring unless you let it be, so I'm now teaching you how to vamp the usual black office attire, so listen up working girls!

Accessories can be the outlet where you can mix your neons or pastels with, but for a more sophisticated appeal, gold and brown is the way to go.
Now, minimal animal prints are allowed to roar in the floors of your office too as long as it would not eat your whole "professional" business outfit that we're going for.

Blazers are needed for this type of outfit especially for strict and conservative companies so sometimes polos and cardigans are set aside for friday casuals, so if you are one of those who are problematic about that maybe it's time for you to invest in one. But if you are a kind of rebel who can't be caged in a typical black blazer like me then we can opt for blazers with subtle print that is fun and sure to make a statement and keep the shock from your boss from bizaare prints.

There's no doubt that these palazzo pants are what made the look stunning and out of the box because imagine this look with the ordinary slacks and it would become plain, safe, and BORING. I learned that confidence is what hinders most of us from stepping out of our comfort zone hence the wallflower syndrome, but if we build ourselves more who knows, the next icon might be born!

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