Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goldilocks 2.0

What happens when our dear Goldilocks grow up and become a swagger? Most probably she'll look like this? I'm just kidding but honestly she popped in my mind when I saw this top. But I these past few days my style goes edgy and unconventional so I thought why not look like someone who's gonna kick some butt LOL.

I also took inspiration from the adorable koreans we have at our school, most of them are so cool and can rock even oversized shirt, midi skirt and sneakers. So I made my own version and added more spunk into it.

More and more I'm being drawn into wearing black but with a touch of gold, there will always be extraordinary about it.

This outfit would be chic and classy but because the snapback cap and sneakers, it's more wearable anywhere.

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