Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Nope, I wasn't dressed with a splash of red because of the Chinese New year but because Valentines Day is just around the corner. I'm not excited because I have a date with special someone but merely because the occassion itself puts everyone into good mood.
In lieu of romantic and flirty dresses that are traditionally worn by women on their dates, I thought of an outfit that is perfect for those who are laidback and who want to spend the sought after day with their behalf in some adventurous activity

Beanies, bonnets, and polos tied in waist are very popular right now and it really makes one comfortable yet stylish outfit. But instead of a very rugged look I injected it with a some feminine touches to fit into the event more so for those boyish, they could still look girly just for that special day. Instead of simple shirts why not opt for blouses or dresses with soft textures, fabric, print, and color.

Also, in lieu of the cliche plaid polos wrapped in waist, that's where I put the color of cupid to be apt with the Valentines day.

Another way to classify and sexify your casual look is through your accessories. Substitute those funky ones with pearls, gold that exudes elegance. You're sure to hit a score in your lover's eyes!

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