Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here Comes the Dragon

Since February is no classes day because of Chinese new Year, the girls and I thought why not go to Star City to shake ourselves from the stress we have and more we'll have from school works. it's my first time at Star City and I was still shocked upon seeing the rides i'm about to experience, I knew that they were really heart-jumping and I prepared for it but at that moment when I was near to ride on it I got totally coward but my friends won't let me escape so I have no choice but to trust my life to the operators. Yet I'm glad I did it because it's so much fun and thrilling, if not when will I? They said that the thing you should fear most is the fear itself.

Good thing about going there at holiday amidst its jampacked atmosphere is the Dragon Dance especially for the occassion, we were even danced around by the dragon dancers unknowingly at first because we were at the middle of the park when they arrived; it was so cute and so festive!

I love how we dressed up for that day; one is rocker chick, girly, another is boho and I'm swagger.

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