Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hush Hush

This is yet another book-inspired outfit that I would share with you. This novella is my favorite or should I say apple of my eyes as of now (because I'm sure that I would bump into other books that I would rave maniacally again, LOL!) Have you heard of the Hush hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick? If not, then I'm telling you it's worth all my sleepless nights trying to finish the trilogy. I was really amazed how the story is stitched and how the story would unravel flawlessly while taking my breath. It's a fantasyfiction/ love story about Patch and Nora whose undying (literally) and forbidden love story would get your nose buried in this novel. But before you say that it's another Romeo and Juliet-like cliche then yu're dead wrong because it's anything but ordinary and boring, as the story gets deeper you'll be engaged in reading it until the end (because if you do miss any scene then there's a chance you would not follow the story flow). I've read many not so good reviews about this book but for me I totally disagree with it, so If you're the kind of bookworm who read not to critic but to enjoy then this one's for you.

But one reason why I totally fell in love with the trilogy is because of the male protagonist, Patch/ Jev Cipriano. Yup, he's in league with those dark/mysterious/drool-worthy/dashingly handsome/sexy-flirt/impossible-to-meet kind of guys (think of Edward of Twilight, Christian Grey, etc.) You know the drill. You can't blame me though because as you know him more you would say that he is really adorable and very sweet it just melt my heart everytime I read scenes about him confessing his love to Nora and how he protects her always, aww... I really keep on gushing whenever I talk about him haha!

So to show how fond I am with this book, I dedicated an outfit that is inspired by Patch. He actually has a very strong liking in black when it comes to his choice of wardrobe so I would stick with that theme.

Patch always wear his ball cap just to add a mysterious effect to him and with the help of the very trendy snapback cap I could copy his look. I love how the statement "obey" is actually related to Patch because he has the ability of mind-trick which allows him to take control and order people; is'nt it perfect!

As promised I told you that I would find the chance to wear this shwings with a not so girly themed-outfit so here it is, just in sync with Patch's character because he is a fallen angel(hmm...intriguing right?)

When going to amusement parks, it's better to wear comfrotable clothes for to be able to move around freely, and thanks for the cold weather nowadays I'm able to atleast wear longsleeves without sweating like a pig. I very much see my top like a baseball uniform with its stripes and everything but minus the numbers and funked with the mustache it became more fun and casual.

P.S. it's obligatory to take this shots with the amusement park especially the roller coaster as my backdrop because in the book, their amusement park- Delphic Park is where most of the important scenes happened. I very well thought of this yah know! That's how serious and crazy I get about this book haha!

P.P.S. I heard that there's going to be movie adaptataion for the Hush Hush, and the prospect lead actors especially for Patch is sizzling hot, oohhh...

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