Friday, February 28, 2014

When in Doubt, Just twirl Around

So I'm back from my hiatus! I intentionally leave the scene so that Valentine's day would not be talked around, LOL.

Since I'm sour about that day I wore a lime green skirt to show my feeling, just kidding again! But wearing this skirt is kind of intimidating at first because it catches the boaring eyes of others, and if that's the case then let their stares be worthwhile and own the moment to shine, girl!

I wore this outfit to school and I admit I'm too dressed up for no reason, but hey it doesn't mean that you have an excuse to be floppy any day. Yet to make the look more relaxed and still daytime-worthy I paired it with a flat sandals- with a bling- because no sloppy footwear would do.

I personally have no fetish for shirts but the classic whites are my exception because they're just so simple yet classy and clean. So what happens when the simple tee is added with a twist like this cage- cut outs on the sleeves? It's simply the bomb.

This necklace is my only choice of accessory for this outfit because anything that is too much is not good but this necklace I think prettify-ed my look especially with my plain white shirt.

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