Sunday, March 9, 2014


50's and 60's are the time where women are all excited to wear feminine and beautiful clothes since war had just ended then so it's their opportunity to be fashionable. I'm so envious of the women's sizes there which is proven by how small the waist size of their skirts are, it accentutes the curves of the ladies then while showing their daintiness through their puffy and swingy skirts and dresses. But then in the 60's it evolved into fit midi skirts that are more professional looking. Prints like paisley and florals are big then. So I guess my skirt need no more explnation on why I chose it. Because i'm wearing long sleeves, the high-slit on my skirt is a sweet surprise.

 Speaking of my top, that's when I inserted the retro and funky 70's/ 80's vibe in my look, why? Fit and see-through are fad then which they also wear on their disco nights. Let's not forget the neons which I'm sure what everyone would instantly think when heared of 70's so my bag adds the pop in my all blue ensemble.
Funny how my outfit is like a salad of different decades yet looks very now. Fashion is actually just an evolution. What's in then would be popular and stylish today with the right make-over to suit the 21st century.

This actually gave me an idea to wear more vintage items and it would be very apt for the Summer season!


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