Monday, March 17, 2014

Secret Garden

There's no way you can't see summer in my outfit and yes it's a business attire yet I was able to inject the vibe of the anticipated season here.
 Denims like this chambray top can almost pass as a basic necessity in yur closet as it proves to match almost everything from casual to formal and even on the sunny days it still run on my list of outfit must-haves, it's just so fun and laidback especially when it's acidwashed. Pair it with something colorful on your ensemble and you're good to go.

I'm just a sucker for florals and imagine how it will be everyone's bff print again this summer. But to make it appropriate for work, choosing florals in small print and in darker or tame color is your option; put birds in it and its now perfection.

Nothing can be boring if you will wear colorful accessories, it does not only make your outfit beautiful but it can also uplift your mood. Pastels, oh it just makes any lady feel romantic and pretty.

I always believe that a woman can be extraordinarily sexy even without showing a lot of skin. How? Wear color tones that makes your skin glow or silhouettes that flatter your body type like this midi skirt that even though it looks good on taller ones, petite girls like me  can still rock it by wearing heels. The slim and long shape of the skirt will elongate your lower body.

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