Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unexpected Glimpse

I almost named this post four leaf clover because I think yesterday was my lucky day and I know that you would also say the same thing when you see your crush and you just felt well "kilig!" If you haven't felt this yet then maybe it's time for you to check if you're normal, LOL but honestly seeing the person I adore is what I can say few of the things that inspire me these days after tons of school works and getting busy with my OJT thing this coming summer, imagine how frustrated I am not to be able to fully enjoy the joy of summer so I'll just feel the vibe through my outfits and wish that somehow it'll mask my disappointment haha! 
But before this post go somewhere else we'll now stick about my look for the day. No personal life indulgence for now my dears!

 If I'll choose only one color to wear repeatedly I'll prefer the mighty white simply because it has power to make any woman classy, chic, clean, fresh and sleek from day to night effortlessly. Add texture into it like lace or see-through and you're instantly a sophisticted gal who does not know how to be boring in her ensembles.

But of course if my options are endless then why would I constrict myself? What I would do is to pile on the colors over me but to make sure that I won't be a rainbow vomit opting for shades that are near each other in the color wheel is the way to go especially if you're someone who is just exercising your right as a fashionable human to use the colors in your outfits. But if you're bold enough like a pro to experiment with colors then who are they to judge?

 Automatically when I see yellow, gold comes next to my mind and when a gold edgy-shaped necklace is over a white top, it's divine to my eyes.

 Summer is all about the laid-back dressing so even this made up look can be more relaxed when paired with brogues.

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