Thursday, April 24, 2014


Waterfalls always makes me think of fairies that is why I made sure to wear something flowy and feminine when my backdrop is as serene as this.

Florals and light tones will never be contrast against subdued colors of nature and anything peaceful deserves equivalent harmony even in my outfits.
It felt so different wearing this kind of ensembles unlike what I usually wear when I'm in the city. Which should always be fast to wear, movable, and runs at the side of being trendy. But this time I made sure to pack in my bag some clothes that has the color of either pastels or neons and prints like floral or tribal. It feel so good to be able to go out wearing something you would really like to rock, but some hindrances doesn't permit you to do so. It's so nice to be free while hugging the short time you are given to spend in the nature far from stress, pollution, problems, and complications. They say that city is really better than provinces, but there are just some things you can never experience and will never be able to buy even how rich you are without going into places like this. If I would name one it would be peace of mind.

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