Thursday, April 17, 2014

Summer Breeze

 Every girls dreamt of being a mermaid once in their life but we all know that it 's quite impossible unless you have access to the high-technology to transform you into one or you could head to a trusted costume shop to get a nearly realistic tails. But if you are having a vacation to an island for just few days then don't fuss yourself too much and why not try imitating other sea creatures! If you're thinking a full animal costume then that's something to laugh about what I'm saying is try being one with the ocean or be like a jelly fish- layered top and long flowy skirt, yes? It's not something to wear when dipping in the water but such a fasyon outfit when just frolicking on the shore.

 Boho style is very trendy and perfect this summer, but making it glam is easy with the power of accessories. Coral stones match the vibe without going over the top while the gold chains gives vintage feeling to the look.

 I'm sticking with my polarized sunnies when I know I'd be strolling under the intense heat; at least I never got boring with its colorful shades.

 DIY-like bracelets looks effortless yet so cute to pile on every OOTD that is beach-worthy.

Whether it's huge rocks, vibrant greeneries, or the striking ocean, this outfit looks more special because of it. How I wish I could take this scenery back home so my outfit shots would never be boring and plain.

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