Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hidden Gem

I've always wanted to see a waterfall and little did I know that I was in for a treat to see one in my Bicol escapade aside from the majestic beaches we're bound to actually see. I didn't anticipate this until I see myself riding a boat for at least 30 minutes (because the location is quite really far from the town)and actually trekking in the woods before I could actually see with my own two eyes and of course experience the natural back massage a fall could offer. 

Another great thing one has to experience when visiting a province is its rurality; the way it's not yet developed and the chance to get the feel on how people actually live there. No adventure is complete without a hardship as what they say so just enjoy every moment because in the end every sweat and bruises will be paid off bigtime.
 I even got to cross lakes, tall grasses, and mind you cross the bridge made up of trunk of a tiny tree; palm tree to be exact with no trail or anything to hold on to. It was quite shaking yet exciting. It was even short and safe compared to other ones.

But I didn't actually mind the way to the falls because while hiking I could really see the beauty of the province it possess, from the mountains, forest, farms, and all the nature works. It has that rustic appeal you would rarely find back in the city. The simple ones are actually the most satisfying things you can have in life.

                          Apparently, these trees are where the yummy delicacy, pili nuts came from.

 Credit to our little tour guide who is a resident near the falls. He is so small but he knows his way around too well and was very fast too. I wonder how young he was when he learned to go there by himself. Just a proof of how hard the life of the residents there but kudos to them because they are surviving and what marked to me was their smiles to everyone who they only met for the first time.

                                                                        The "buwis-buhay" bridge!

  Upon reaching the Baybay falls in Buhi, we immediately jumped and submerged our tired bodies- actually we did it after my OOTD shots and countless pictures; we all want to capture the fruit of our hardship you know! Ahhh... It was pretty amazing how lovely things in life are hidden to us unless we discovered it ourselves, and the more you'll feel accomplished when you pass through trials and obstacles first.
I fell in love with the charm the falls has, from the rushing white water to the baby blue sky above. 

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