Sunday, April 27, 2014


 Last spot on our itinerary is the Cam Sur wakeboarding but sadly i wasn't that lucky enough to try it out but if ever I'm sure I would just look silly banging myself on the board so I think it's best for me to just be in awe with those pro wakeboarders.

 My outfit somehow looks like I'm already going to sleep but with the necklace it looked OOTD-worthy. But the colors are what I’m trying to play with this time, yellow and pink? Looks like it's only better at a 3 year old’s coloring book but since its summer and I'm out of town I kind of acquired the bravery to rock this look.

 Back in the city I would always trap my feet in flats and heels that are not open-toe but this whole trip I let my walkers breathe with comfy sandals that still looks chic and glam.

Because it's time to say buh-bye FOR NOW and endure yet another painstakingly 10 hours of drive home I need to be in my comfiest clothes without looking sloppy hence the outfit you're seeing right now. One thing I realized is that when it's summer either you'll be in too tight clothes or loose ones but mixing it together is never an issue.

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