Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 Travelling seems to be a rare opportunity for me since I got to visit far places for days only during sembreak and summer so this 2014 I got the chance to tour and have a mini vacay on Bicol. But what's really exciting about this trip is for me to be able to experience Caramoan which I'll reserve on a seperate post it totally deserves. As of now let me show you what i wore on my way to a paradise.
 Going to Bicol takes a lot of time since it's travelled only by land which also means inconvenience the whole time, just imagine how sore your butt would get from the 8-10 hours of sitting not to mention uncomfortable sleeping positions, annoying bathroom breaks, and a lot more. But wearing proper clothes could help so you need not to spoil the fun you'll get even from the start of your travel journey. 

                 Bottom outerwear that is manageable day to night is the key to an easy and light travel; these cullotes has an airy fabric that let my skin breathe even at peak of scorching sun heat but good enough to sleep on just like your pj's bonus points for protecting me from mosquito bites which I hate so much. This one is vintage that is a hand-me-down from my auntie but it's just perfect for the summer because it feels so boho and classy all at once.

                 To give a more modern take to my outfit, I paired the pants with a cropped top. Ahhh... an immaculate white always gives justice to anything whatever style the wearer has.
 Fedoras- you're always on my list of summer must-haves! straw hats always has the feeling of relaxed yet chic; just what summer loves to see people wear.

 Sandals that are water-proof should be your bff when going to a trip, not only when you're hitting the beach but also when you would have to walk a lot and sweat like a pig- remember stinky feet is no good for summer! Of course cute nail color is the perfect touch when showing off your toes, pastel is a no-doubt color this season.

                 There is no need to lowdown your accessories choice just because its summer, gold will always be an excuse no matter the season is but put some pearls on it and it's awesome to the next level.

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