Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 Isn't it that summer is the best excuse to bring out your most colorful clothes and wear it like there is no tomorrow? For me I totally agree with it. So I really took advantage of the chance to look very cute and young by pairing this floral dress under the turquoise skater skirt.

 Funny how I try to get every opportunity I can to look young and adorable while I’m not reaching my early 20's because 6 months from now I would be upgrading to another decade and so is my style preference but maybe i would stick to being a fashion rebel and still dress the way I would like to anyways. Fashion is meant to be bent and broken the way it would fit you.

Behind me in the first pictures are the famous attraction in Bicol, which is the Mt. Mayon. Unfortunately it's still foggy at that time so we weren't able to see the whole beauty of the perfect-shaped cone of the volcano. Yet on our way home we saw the full view of the Mayon while the sunset rays reflecting to it, I was like WOW! 

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