Monday, April 21, 2014

Postcards from Caramoan

 Many Filipinos and even other nationalities are dying to see Boracay every summer. Why not if this paradise lets you experience fine, white sand, clean and pretty beaches. Aside from that, Bora has evolved into a full-scale tourist attraction with many water sports activities to try, luxurious hotel accomodations, night life, etc.

 But if you're someone who is searching for an island where you can relax and appreciate the wonder of nature alone, then why not try Caramoan? I've mentioned here before in my blog the process on how to reach the said destination, and it's quite not what a non-extreme adventurous tourist like me would expect but it's something you could say only in Caramoan and is very memorable indeed. But don't let that frustrate you because when you see the whole place you'll never regret risking your life for once, LOL!

 There are many inns owned by the villagers there that are open for rents for the tourists, it may not be as grand as the popular beach resorts but you'll be in love with the kindness and hospitality of the residents.

 To fully enjoy and discover the beauty of the island you have to go island hopping which is so exciting! The boats could at least carry up to 5 passengers and 2 drivers. The boat is relatively small but convenient and safe enough. The waves also added thrill to the whole trip. I love how clear the water is that we can still see the rocks and corals underneath making it unobviously deep.
 I was in awe with the different island. Each were stunning with its impressive different shades of blue sea, vibrant greeneries, and epic rock formation, no wonder Survivor India, France, and more chose this place to shoot.  There were other islands which have some exclusive villas already, but others are so virgin. We even met some tourists who camped there overnight, so cute!

Apparently on one island it is said that there's a blue lagoon that has a huge milkfish dwelling in there. But unfortunately the way is too steep for us to climb the rocks and were not ready so maybe next time? Because I'm definitely going back there for another round!

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