Saturday, May 17, 2014

Love me For Me

 How good must it be to feel the sun on your skin without any trace of annoyance, and panic. For the past few days that is just how I felt with all the research studies and internship rolled into one, I must have been like a walking dead every single day. But now that I'm done on the two dreading paperworks and only a week of stay on the company I'm interning at, I could now relax a bit and have a life that I should be having since it's Summer.

 For my three years of stay at my university this is the first time that I've taken my outfit shots at this desiderated fountain as my backdrop. I took the rare opportunity to shoot here since Summer classes on Saturday means a dwindled crowd which the only time I can handle to pose at the middle of the university campus.

                Quaint locations with vibrant sun, and green lushes of grass always enthralls and excites me to take some pictures of it behind me and always, always I want to look chic and classy or even vintage-looking to match the scenery. But of course without a costume party or a major photoshoot; donning petticoats and old-coiffed hair may seem awkward and weird so getting inspiration from it put into modern outfit is the best way to imitate it.

 With midi circle skirts available and trendy right now, there's no denying that fashion is always looking back to the old times which makes copying the looks easier. But instead of puffy cap-sleeves and frilly fabrics on my top to avoid heat stroke I chose to engage the timeless theme on the design of my blouse.

 I don't know why but for me pointed shoes will make any feet look and feel so elegant. Maybe the way it makes the feet thin or the fact that most shoes in the late decades are like those.

 A check on my list is this fountain; next agenda is a garden full of beautiful and colorful flowers so hopefully it would be soon.

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