Friday, May 30, 2014


 If going to be asked what my favorite color is, Pink would not be it but funny thing is I had a lot of pink colored clothes but then so what? Pink would never cease to look good on anyone.

 Rainy days have been slowly making its presence to us so before I bid Summer sayonara, I want to wear something that still exudes the sun lover me because of the striking color yet meets Spring time with the floral print on my outfit. Just to blurt out what is on my random mind, I think I'm all four seasons on this post because my backdrop is full of dried leaves like the autumn.

 Anyways school is soon approaching and I'm now on my  fourth year, how time flies so fast and I’m very excited to meet my new profs and hopefully none of them would be terrors so I could survive this sem with no fuss.

Top from John Brianne, Vintage Skirt, Shoes from Zara, Hairclip from Pinkbox  

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