Saturday, May 10, 2014


It's been so long since I've last post here and now that I'm back with a vangeance and a surprise with my fierce red crowning glory let me serve you some dibs about what's happening with me right now. 
At this moment I'm an intern for 240 hours at Coca-Cola hence the red hair lol. But really it was such a hit at the office because everybody keep on admiring/complimenting about it. At first i was hesitant to go out with this shocking color especially the first day when it's like blood gushing out my hair but eventually I got used to it and feel as if it's natural. It actually lighten even and I still see red on the bathroom floor evrytime I shower, as they say colors like these really fades easily and requires high maintenance treatment so good luck with me who only dyes my hair every vacant time when there is no school.
Another check on my bucket list which is to dye my hair red; I actually did this color with my hair long before but it was just subdued so getting this strong color is leaving me thrilled up to now. Perhaps at Semestral break I'll get my own blonde or violet? Hmmm...

 Anyways I love how the roses on my top complimented my backdrop, gosh how I miss my school for its beautiful spots!
 If you're always checking out fashion online shops you might be bombarded with pictures of tops like this, very feminine print but got a masculine, sporty and street-wear effect because of its bold captions.

 I paired the with the very trendy skater skirt but my own twist with this outfit is how I turned it into preppy look by layering the top under with the basic white sleeveless polo.

 Just before I end this post, i shall give scoop on my "work" right now. Of course I've been doing the usual OJT stuffs like encoding, scanning, etc and i won't bore you with that but the most exciting and I guess highlight of my internship is being a part of the team who prepares for the our branch's Coca-Cola event which is the family day and so faar i'm hearing good feedbacks from my supervisors about my work.
 So far so good, gonna be hearing from me soon again and it might be on family day event I guess!

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