Thursday, June 26, 2014


During my OJT days, my outfits would always have something white in them or sometimes it's like white day because I'm wearing white from head to toe. I could even survive wearing only white items (but hopefully it won't happen) and still manage to look stylish.

   For me, an immaculate white exudes classy and sophisticated appeal and you'll always look clean. In contrast with what others say that white is boring, I beg to disagree because with an interesting touch like an intricate texture and pattern in the white clothes' fabric, the wearer will instantly look chic and fab.

But the catch is white is prone with stains and that I can't afford that to happen but the  chance is high this rainy season. So I have to adjust by wearing colored pants instead. 
Then I decided to go matchy-matchy with the color of my accessories.

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