Tuesday, June 24, 2014


 It was a bit of surprise to me when my cousin told me that I'm usually dressed in neon-colored clothes, well there was really a phase in my life that I fell in love with neon but actually I don't consider myself always clad in that color so I realized that it is funny how others easily remember a person simply by the colors he/she choose to wear.

But one thing I learned recently is that we should always reinvent ourselves, and of course because I love fashion I decided to relate my change with that. 
I've always love donning feminine outfits not just because of the cut, style, and fabric choice of the clothes but also the colors which are mostly pastels. Light-colored clothes are so fresh-looking and very classy; two things that I really want  to sport.
I love gold accessories more than silver ones for I believe that it can make every ensemble look sossy and royal-looking.
Speaking of royal, this bag caught my fondness because of it's studded crown design.

This number is apt for a corporate outfit which I really worn for our Tuesday Business Attire Day. Like what Liz Uy and every fashion guru says, the white, crisp polo is a must-have and a basic essential on girls' and even boys' wardrobes. It's so classic and well-rounded you can dress it up any way you want but my OOTD went the formal and polished way when I paired it with this peach/salmon palazzo pants that are very cute that it got a lot of compliments from my friends. :)

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