Tuesday, July 15, 2014


There's no denying that it's feels so good to wear trendy clothes that drowns you with its presence in every fashion related materials, it's just gives you the idea that you are one of those perfect models slash  celebrities slash bloggers. But unfortunately , the truth is that those fads would just come and go and may have the tendency to leave you bankrupt if you had spent most of your resources to stock up on those or worse you might be labeled a fashion junkie who just follows what is new at the moment. 

 Yes, I've been once a victim of that fashion illusion but is now happy that I'm progressively recovering from it and I'll gladly share with you a tip on how to still rock those clothes that you (or would- in case that you are still stuck on the syndrome!) regret buying compulsively.

Oh the cropped top, yup it's so versatile and I do still think that its charm and use won't ever fade, well kind of, but think of it as a fast forgotten piece of fabric once a new soon to be popular clothes come out in your favorite apparel shops and being worn by almost every girl. 

To maximize the use of cropped tops until forever if you like or until it just tear apart, you could pair it with items that are considered classic like the midi pencil skirt. After all those vintage classics are here to stay and is being revived by the fashionistas all around the world. 

It even pass up as a business outfit like what I did with my look today. Just layered it with yet another wardrobe necessity piece which is this blazer and I'm good to go. With the choice of bold color and nice touch of print, no need for too much blings this time.
Blazer is vintage, top fron John Brianne, skirt from Zara

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