Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crazy in Love

August is up and coming and upon its arrival, 20 days I should wait and I can watch  the Fifty Shades of Grey the movie. My enjoyment would perhaps skyrocket if only my beloved Grey is starred by Ian Somerhalder, but oh unlucky me, that is not the case. But I'm not giving up on it and still expecting a great movie though.
But what caught my fancy is its OST! Who would have thought that it would be Crazy in Love by Beyonce but in slow version by her also, unexpected but totally loving it. But honestly I kind of thought that it could be Breathless by  The Corrs, haha! In fairness the lyrics could be really related to the storyline.(wink!)
As for my ensemble,  it's now a chance for me to get cozy in thick pull overs, sweaters, and tops which includes this slightly wool long sleeves top that is so adorable especially the detail on the shoulders part.
It's very Verniece Enciso and Tricia Gosingtian for me to don this kind of outfit, like so dolled up considering the cream and blush tone colors then the manner of dressing itself. Emulating the looks of two of my blogger icons is a very fun process since I'm always referring to their looks when I'm dressing up.
Anyways, I now have a twitter account, it is itsmeohjoyce. Please follow me and I promise to follow back! 

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