Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lemon Plus Mint

Now that I'm near the brink of my college life, confusions and doubt frequently come and go inside my mind; what career path I should follow, opportunities that I may encounter, risks I need to take in order to grow, and lots more.  But enlightenment really shows right into your face at unexpected times like today when an alumnus, Mr. Jerry Ross Misa came to have a short talk to promote his baby (no, not that kind of baby!) but his very own agency called Big Brother Manila that will be launched this 25th of July together with the 8th anniv of his dad's production agency, Abracadabra. Like what he said, it's amazing because that will be the day of celebration for the father's anniversary and the birth of the son's brainchild. 
He is actually the only Filipino endorser of the Red One camera which is the new trend when it comes to videography/ cinematography international level that is yet to come here in the Philippines so because of them we are about experience greater advertisements, awesome right? But I won't do much further ado and just search more info about it yourself to fully understand what I'm saying.
The BBM are actually recruiting those who are interested to learn and he is up to train the potential students and who knows one of them might be absorbed to work and be part of their cool team. 

  I know you might be interested with what I told you above but I can't let this post go without any fuss about my outfit today.

Like what I said in my previous post, I've been dressing up in pastel colors lately and I feel so light and vibrant. But to take it up a notch I wore this canary yellow cardigan that is so vivid but not to the extent of an eyesore even I accessorized it with equally intense color of this turquoise necklace, it actually looked good even though it's not in the same shade palette. 

 Since my pants are plain white I can liven it up with a cheerful floral print. To balance the playful colors of my ensemble, these mint shoes are just perfect- simple enough not to overpower the look but not still pretty not to be blah.

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