Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shore Thing

There are days when I just want to dress up casually but i just can't resist to add a little touch of something to spruce my outfit up. That is when the magic of statement/graphic come to the rescue. 

Heat be damned, but I'd still don denim on denim like it's a natural thing to do, but to appease anyone who would be scandalized to see me in this kind of fabric, light-color version are my bet.

The anchor on my inner top is just so darn cute, I just have not met someone who doesn't like anchor design and I don't think I ever will.
A splash of unexpected color is what you need to show a bit of your wild side may it be on your accessories, shoes, or in my case the bag.  
Because I don't want too much action in my outfit, I chose shoes that in the same color but in a adorb floral print.

                    denim top by Gap, jeans by Jag, Anchor top-thrifted, shoes from Kicks by SM Dept.

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