Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Touch Love

The title of this post has actually nothing to do with my outfit, just a random thought but the explanation behind this title is actually my latest obsession right now. Touch love is the OST of my current fave kdrama which is the Master's Sun (I'll be doing an outfit post inspired by that soon!) It's korean, I know but upon relying on our bff Google, I found its english translation and well, it's cute. Forget the tongue confusions, what important is that I enjoy listening to it.
Anyhoo, I certainly been playing it safe with the past looks I worn because of the feminine and solid colors so I wanted to give my style a switch every now and then like this one where I put two prints together. Not so extraordinary but interesting enough to create diversity on my daily business ensembles. Also take note of the colors i chose, its dark unlike the pastel vomit I've been commited to wear more often.
I have this perception that once its stripe it has a parisian effect for me, add a scarf and totally au courant. While this skirt reminds me of if not high school uniforms, those men who plays bagpipe, weird eh.

Brogues are the shoes that I would wear with anything, its androgynous appeal adds twist even on the most girly outfit. I even used to own the same color of these brogues but the difference is that these have heels, cool! But the kitten heels is so comfy that i managed to walk and semi-run in it when we scoured the street of Imus to search for a client for our subject requirement.

On the coming days or weeks I'll be posting some other-related stuffs here for a project, hope you'd support me and follow/like those social media accounts I'll be posting here. Ciao!

                                                    Shoes from Vicki, Skirt from Stylenanda 

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