Saturday, August 9, 2014

To Dare or Not To Dare

That is the question my dears. Ever thought of doing something risky, unusual, and out of your box? For me it is okay to get out of your shell once in awhile to experience something new, just as long as it won't harm you and anyone else. Because if you would not dare to try then how will you know if it would work for you?

Committing mistakes are humane and so is in fashion, somebody said that fashion loves mistakes, it is ought to be bent, twisted, and broken- that is when you will know what and who you really are when you dress up.

Ignore all the naysayers who will bash you they might just be jealous because they can't rock that look but are dying to do so. For those who will leave you with good comments and praise you? Thank them and like them because it just goes to show that he or she has the eyes for beauty (wink!).

  So go ahead and wear what you want with confidence and a big smile because that is the best accessory that would catch the attention of everyone, including your crush. :)

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