Saturday, August 2, 2014

Why Only Now

It's been a burn out week for me these last few weeks because of many school assessments that I have to finish at the same time I also need to study for the prelim exam. So this weekend has been a slight breather because there's not much tasks I have yet to do so thanks for that.

  On to the outfit, I went on a more relaxed number unlike some of my outfits that are too girly and more on details. It's the stress to blame I guess haha!

But seriously, when there are too much things going on with your life to the point that me and my classmates used to call ourselves now the walking zombies and immortals already, I now tend to get simple and plain with some activities in my life like dressing up.

  To avoid being a floppy dresser add at least one statement piece to your ensemble like a shirt with shout outs or stand out prints, colorful clothes, bold accessories, or even unusual shoes like this combat boots that looks hard to pair with everything but once you find its match, rest assured you won't be disappointed.
Good thing there are still pieces that won't make you look blatant and shabby like denims which can raise the ordinary to extraordinary (quoted from Fifty Shades of Grey :) ).

                                       All I can say is how I wish sem break would pull itself to us, sigh...

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