Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In With the Old

My mom once called me the girl from the old days because of my fondness to vintage clothes and the look of people from the 50s to 60s decade.

I used to hoard back with me at home, the old clothes of my aunts when I visit them on our province. It's like opening a chest of old trinkets and some memories attached to them.

But sometimes wearing those clothes at their exact state is not that wearable everywhere. So what I do so it won't go to waste is to alter them and make it look like the clothes that are trendy right now.

Just like what I did with this top which used to be a shapeless top with puff sleeves and bib-like lace collar. I had it lose its excess parts and the result is this teeny weeny cute crop top. Isn't just like the other ones we fancy? It now has a new life!

Then I paired the finished product top with this bright green midi skirt that matches the printed top perfectly.
I just added a simple, solid peach colored choker to not mess up with the busy print of the top.

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