Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Whenever I'm in a rush to get dressed, usually it's between black or white that I would choose to wear. Mainly because it's easy to style and of course it's the basics. But the best part of these colors is that it never fail to look classy.
What I like to do when creating a look that involves these colors is to stick with a monochromatic look like what I did here. So now I had an all-white outfit, the only colored pieces I put into it are these cool polarized sunnies and of course the top that made the look less boring. It does not need any more accessorizing because my mantra with this ensemble is less is more.
Donning outfits in same color are my thing right now, I wonder what hue I'd be experimenting with next. Mind if you suggest? :)

pants from Freeway, shoes from Heart and Sole

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