Thursday, October 16, 2014


At this time, I'm slowly recovering from my zombie syndrome, at least 30% of my being human. With all the stress from school-related things, urgh I'm pretty burnt out, really. 

  I just finished my last defense. Almost done, one way to go before I could totally hibernate on our sembreak .
 Anyhoo,we are only scheduled for twenty minutes to present and this week all the students are relaxed about the school policies so I wore a more relaxed business attire.
 The blouse underneath the black on black vest and pants brought some character to my outfit because of its interesting detail on the sleeves. Many noticed and even complimented it, not to mention made a joke about it looking like a cage, which I don't mind since I find it cool actually.
I love how vests are such perfect alternative to blazers- which won't let me withstand the heat in the Philippines, yet very chic and still professional to look at.

Seeing the pictures, I wish I woe maroon heels but because I thought of practicality first and opted from flats to survive the day of pure walking around the campus, I think, I just made the right choice, haha!
blouse from Bayo, pants from Golden Apple, vest from Chocoholics

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