Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

Today's color is pink! Remember my last post about monochromatic look? Well, oops! I did it it again but in the name of pink.
This color is mostly associated with barbie hence, the girly appeal. But what I did with this outfit is make it more sporty slash hipster slash, okay back to square one, girly! I think pink just can't help but to look cute and very feminine no matter how the wearer resist haha!
Anyhoo, I can now say what my shirt shouts out because finally, I can totally say that my sembreak begins! Now I'm planning what I'm gonna do with the days before second sem. But I know it's gonna revolve around two things, sleep and eat, LOL!
shirt from New York Story, skirt from John Brianne, shoes from Converse

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